Most Affordable Cities to Live in Spain

The Most Affordable Cities to Live in Spain

Looking for the most affordable cities to live in Spain? Here you go. Since the crisis hit Spain hard some years back, the need for a cheap but good life has increased over the years.  This has led to a lot of individuals and families having to migrate to cities with affordable living conditions, especially in areas of cheap housing, low taxes, transportation etc. Below are a list of cities where you can get the most out your money

4. Cá ceres

Caceres the Most Affordable Cities to Live in Spain

This city of 95,900 inhabitants was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is an excellent town to live in. Besides offering an excellent cultural heritage to all who visits it, is a very cheap city to live, thanks to its affordable housing accommodation cost which is approximately 366 euros for a very decent residence. Water bills stand among the lowest in Spain (around 11.4 euros on average for a monthly consumption of 10 cubic meters) and a host of other reasons amongst affordable light bills. This city is no doubt one of the cheapest cities to reside in Spain.

3. Palencia

Palencia is the Most Affordable Cities to Live in Spain

Palencia has 167,600 inhabitants and has become the third cheapest city in Spain to live in due to two factors: Food commodities which is cheaper than average here than any other part of Spain. The cost of purchasing a land here is also cheaper than in any other part of Spain as a result accommodation is very affordable in this unpopular but gorgeous city.

According to Kelisto’s study. The cost of living in Palencia is 13% lower than the national average. The fact that Palencia is a small city makes it easy to move round the city without needing to spend money on transport, thereby saving on gasoline and gaining health.

2. Teruel

teruel the Most Affordable Cities to Live in Spain

This is the least populated city ​​in Spain (with 36,000 inhabitants ) and it is the city with the lowest unemployment rate in Spain. It boost one of the cheapest home rentals and purchase price in Spain.

Although Teruel has one of the lowest salaries in Spain, but makes up for it with very affordable public transport, taxes, food, entertainments, housing etc. If you are looking for a cheap accommodation in Spain then Teruel is the city you are looking for.

1. Ceuta

ceuta the Most Affordable Cities to Live in Spain

With its 85,000 inhabitants, Ceuta has become the cheapest city to live because general shopping is much cheaper here than in other cities. This boiled down to the fact that the city is closer to Morocco, hence a lot of goods come directly from Morocco at way cheaper prices. It is calculated that the standard of living or quality of life in Ceuta is 2.7 % Cheaper than the average of other cities of Spain.

Although goods and commodities may be cheaper in Ceuta, but housing, is not the cheapest in Spain. But overall, life is cheaper here than in most other part of the country and it also boost the advantage of one being able to visit other cultures of Africa which is just few kilometers from the city.

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