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Best Work Contract to Apply for the Spanish Residence Permit

This is the most reliable option for a work contract to apply for the spanish residence permit. It’s easy, less complicated and FREE.

Due to the ever increasing difficulty in obtaining a spanish residence permit which in the case of Nigerians is partly caused by the delay in issuance of the Nigerian police report but most especially the difficulty in getting a faultless working contract from a company or person to apply for a residence permit. We have put together a very reliable option to obtain a residence permit in Spain through a self owned working contract. This is more like you are telling the government you have a self sustaining  job to carter for yourself if given the benefit of a doubt by giving you a Spanish residence and work permit.

This method is 99% safe, positive and a win win situation. But why is everyone not doing it? The answer is because

  1. A lot of people do not know if such an option exist, even some lawyers in Spain do not have any clue about this.
  2. Its is initially expensive to execute but on the long run, it is still cheaper than trying to purchase a contract which usually cost people between 1,000 to 2,500 euros.

This process is almost at no cost in the end because whatever money you allocate for it will still be yours at the end of the day… you only need to prove to the government that you have sufficient fund to start a self sustaining business in this country. In my opinion this is arguably the best type of work contract to apply for the spanish residence permit.

What else is required when using this type of working contract to applying for the spanish residence permit.

  1. You must have a proof of certain amount of money in your account, ranging from 8,500 to 10,000 and above depending on the business type you want to use to apply for a residence permit. We advise you to stick to simple businesses that will not require so much fund to set up and hence won’t be too complicated to apply with. You can contact us for lists of possible businesses or ask your lawyer to help you sort this out.
  2. This said fund must be in a savings account in any bank of Spain and should be under your name because you will be requested to submit proof of fund (hence all you need do is to ask your bank for an account certificate) this certificate usually cost 15 euros in most banks and is usually processed in 2 days at most.
  3. Beside having the fund ready and the certificate of account that your bank will give to you, you will have to get a lawyer to prepare a contract that explain your new business activities, it’s sustainability and if possible it’s benefit to this country. This is simple if you have a good lawyer. You can contact us for more info on this if you need more guides.
  4. The rest documents are your normal regulars (a.) emPadronamiento (b.) Passport (c.) police Report (d.) Your proof of having resided in Spain for the past 3 years

That is all. But it is worthy of note, that you will have to make sure that whatever amount you ‘ve allocated to this project e.g 8,5000 euros, must always remain in your bank account throughout the period that your document is been processed. Do not make the mistake of removing or reducing the initial amount during this period as it might affect your document’s approval chances. Once your residence permit is approved, you are free to withdraw your money and invest in whatever business you feel will work for you, so long as you are able to pay your monthly taxes.

You can contact us for more info on how to apply for the spanish residence permit using this process, as this article was written on experience.

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