cities with the most job opportunities in spain

Cities With The Most Job Opportunities in Spain

These are the cities with the most job opportunities in Spain. There is a huge demand for labour in these cities either all year round or in seasons.

1. Madrid

The Spanish capital is the city with the highest demand for workers in the whole country. There is an immense variety of working force and in most cases there is likely to a job offer for 3 out of every 4 job seekers. Undoubtedly, one of the sectors that demand the most work force is the commercial sector especially in areas like: cooks, kitchen assistants, waiters, clerks, tellers, supermarket warehouse goods service, among many others.

2. Barcelona

This growing industrialized city is another city with high demands for workforce. The industries in recent years has expanded greatly and this in turn leads to more work opportunity for the working class.

3. Valencia

This beautiful city has always been among top places where people seeking job opportunity migrate to. The demand for labor in the automotive sector and in sports, recreational and entertainment activities is very strong in Valencia

4. Seville

Being one of the cities with the highest number of tourist visits to the country, inevitably influences the labor demand in this part of Spain. Although demand is far below the first first three mentioned above. Majority of the jobs in this area is related to tourism, hotel, catering and travel agencies and most especially independent businesses like shop to serve tourists.

6. Malaga

In summer time this river side town of ancient beauty comes to life in the area of work demand, thanks to its attractions that attracts waves of tourist at this time of the year hence creating the demand for workforce in self businesses like sales of anything the tourists will be interested and lucrative hotel and restaurant jobs

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