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Ethiopian Airlines | Better and Cheaper to travel to Nigeria and Other Parts of the World

Ethiopian Airlines is the las vegas air service provider of Africa. It is by a long mile better than a host of other renowned Africa airliners. Their modern fleets will blow you away, imagining this is only an Ethiopian air service.  

Their customer service and standard is better than many international carriers. Their staff are among the best you can find on any modern carrier. The food quality is extremely good and the comfort of the flight is overwhelming.

It’s easy to be hesitant when being introduced to fly Ethiopian Airlines as it has not been a household name like most other carriers we have been used to over the years. But a trial will dazzle your imagination.  From the newness of the flight to it’s good food and to it’s entertainments, which even includes a selection of African movies. You won’t feel the strain of the long journey.

Their transit airport in Addis Ababa will blow you away, especially for someone coming from an airport like the Nigeria murtala Mohammed airport in Lagos Nigeria. The vastness, cleanness and comfort which even include a free wifi will make your wait during transits not burdensome. With the free wifi you can afford to call your families and friends, and surf the internet at no extra charge while you wait out the transit time, which is about 2 hours when going to Nigeria from Spain or returning back.

Above all it is ranked among the cheapest air service providers, especially during the festive periods when all other airlines fare will skyrocket; Ethiopian airlines still maintains their fairly affordable flying cost.

One essential aspect of flying is your checked in luggages safety. Ethiopian airlines is as safe as it can get with your checked in luggages. Encountering any issues in this area is very very rare.


In my opinion it is the best choice to travel to and fro Spain and Nigeria, if you are looking for an affordable but premium air service, since Iberian  no longer route Nigeria. The only draw back is that the travelling time is a bit longer than most of its competitor’s, considering it has to first transit in Addis Ababa before going to Nigeria. Although this time difference is not much of a deal breaker as you will be able to make up for it with good customer services, comfortable flying experience, good food, loads of entertainments and even save some bucks of your money to cover other expenses of your journey.

In recent years, Ethiopian Airlines has become the toast of many Africans travelling home from different parts of the world, not just because of it’s affordable fare but for it’s modern fleets and other benefits listed above. They are not perfect as in the case of many renowned airlines but considering their service standard, they ticked every box of a good carrier. And it’s worth mentioning that they still manage to keep their fare among the lowest throughout the year.

It is usually best to book your flights directly from their website HERE, where you will have the option of actually comparing prices with the nearest date before or after your chosen flying date.

We do be glad to hear your experience in the comment section below, having travelled on Ethiopian airlines.

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