Spanish Visa from Nigeria

Spanish Visa from Nigeria | Requirements and How to Apply

Facebook1Google+0Pinterest0TwitterApplying for a Spanish Visa from Nigeria for the purpose of visit. You can apply for a short term (maximum 90 days) Spanish visa for the purpose of Tourism Family Visit Conference attendance Sport Event attendance This visa is solely for the purpose of leisure travel including vacationing, cruising, sightseeing and other recreational activities. If during any portion of their visit to Spain […]


Nigerian Passport | Applying and Renewal

Facebook97Google+0Pinterest0TwitterAnyone that want to apply for a Nigerian Passport or other consular services in Spain is required to visit the Embassy in person, for interview with Mission’s Consular/Immigration Officers. How to apply for a new Nigerian Passport: Compulsorily you must first apply online at the Nigeria Immigration Service website CLICK HERE.   There you will make a mandatory online payment and print out your Passport […]

apply for the spanish nationality

The Spanish Nationality: Qualification and How to Apply

Facebook5Google+0Pinterest0TwitterTo apply for the Spanish nationality, applicant must fit into at least one of the following categories: 1. Spanish nationals of origin: Child of a Spanish Parent (mother or father) irrespective of where he/she was born Every child born in Spain, with foreign parents where either the father or mother is born in Spain. Exceptions are children of diplomats. Any child born in […]

apply for the spanish residence permit

Best Work Contract to Apply for the Spanish Residence Permit

Facebook0Google+0Pinterest0TwitterThis is the most reliable option for a work contract to apply for the spanish residence permit. It’s easy, less complicated and FREE. Due to the ever increasing difficulty in obtaining a spanish residence permit which in the case of Nigerians is partly caused by the delay in issuance of the Nigerian police report but most especially the difficulty in getting a faultless working […]

invite your family to spain

How To Invite Your Immediate Family To Spain

Facebook0Google+0Pinterest0TwitterHere is all that you need to know in order to invite your immediate family to live with you in Spain and be granted a spanish residence permit before visa expiration. Foreigner in Spain with at least a temporary Spanish residence permit of two years can apply for the Spanish residence permit for his/her immediate family back home in order to reunite with them […]

spanish residence permit

How to Apply for a Spanish Residence Permit in Spain

Facebook3Google+0Pinterest0TwitterOption #1. For non European foreigners with valid residence visa in their passport Only the non EU-foreigners need the residence permit to resides in the Spanish territory. For a non EU-foreigner to legally enter the Spanish territory he/she must show a valid passport and the corresponding visa. And if the he/she decides to remain in the Spanish territory. It is necessary that he/she obtains an […]