Spain Most Beautiful Cities – Part1

Spain is a very beautiful country with gorgeous cities that is full of proud cultural heritages. No doubt it’s one of the most visited countries by tourists during the summer. Here is a list of Spain Most Beautiful Cities.

This list is only a brief summary on each city. We will be releasing an in depth version per city on a later article. This list is not in any specific order of importance.

San Sebastian

Spain most beautiful cities

San Sebastian is a spoilt rich city, that unashamedly displays its beauty to her visitors. Whether from Mount Urgull or from Mount Igueldo, or from its many high points that offer exceptional views through a simple but spectacular natural beauty. It is an accessible city, with a surprising charm. A city by its gentle breeze of sweet ocean smells reaffirm its greatness as one of the most beautiful sights in Spain.

This glamorous town is many things, and no doubt we have to appreciate them all. Rich gastronomy, culture and nightlife. It’s hard not to fall in love with this seaside town in all its glory. And no doubt it’s ones of Spain’s most beautiful city.


Spain most beautiful cities

Granada is a unique city. East and West. Granada enchants, seduces and intoxicates in every streets and every corners. It is an indispensable city. The type you must see at least twice in a lifetime. But more than see it, you have to feel it. The Alhambra is one of the wonders of this great city, and one has to be there to understand how inexplicably overwhelming it is to behold.

But this great town is much more. It is a wonder that houses another wonder. The Albaycín, the Sacromonte; the whole city has a hold on something spectacular that cannot be described in writing especially the calm shelters of  Sierra Nevada. We cannot mention Spain most beautiful cities without Granada been mentioned.

Tarragona, a city in the balcony of the Mediterranean

Spain most beautiful cities

Iberian, Roman, Muslim, arzobispal, noble, modernist, industrial, name all. They all have their imprints on this beautiful town. Tarragona is a huge treasure often underrated or despised. A proud city in the Iberian peninsula that has managed to rise from almost all wars she has suffered.  A city by the sea, with a unique and fascinating cultural heritage. Its countless urban beaches, among which are some of the most beautiful seasides in western Mediterranean; the Part Alta, an old quarter of exquisite beauty, Serrallo, a seaside neighborhood, the Rambla Nova, all these and the historic traditions that goes beyond what the eyes can see today, makes Tarragona an essential city.


Spain most beautiful cities

Peaceful through the passage of time, Toledo has remained intact with its medieval appearance in the center of the Plateau. This glorious and proud ancient city has observed the history of Spain from its privileged Torno del Tajo. It is a very accessible city to visitors. In its ancient glory, it has remained a city of legend, of illustrious children and of great cultural heritage. It is rumors that you can live your fairy tale life anytime you want in this amazing city.

Cadiz, city of the light and an island of open museum

Spain most beautiful cities

Cádiz is a source of inspiration. It is an inexhaustible source of personality and character. It is a unique city that has no equal. it is one of the delicious rarities of Spain. All her glorious history stands tall; a 3000 plus years of history cannot be in vain. This glorious city will engulf you in its magical bubbles and glorious past that is etched deep on its streets, revealing a glorious past. Cadiz is a beauty in every sense. You will have to see to understand and agree that truly Cádiz is among Spain’s most beautiful cities.

Bilbao, a city that made itself

Spain most beautiful cities

Bilbao or Bilbo is a city that has reinvented itself. Few years ago it would be unthinkable to name this seaside town among the most beautiful cities in Spain. But here it is. By shear reinvention, has become undisputed. A city that has continue to blossom. It’s architectural buildings and surrounding seas make this beautiful city an amazing wonderland.


Spain most beautiful cities

Girona, a city between two rivers. This glamorous city bath in colorful flowers among display of its historic pasts of middle age architectures. Girona is like a treasure to be discover. You won’t be disappointed if you pass your next vacation in this amazing city.

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