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The Spanish Nationality: Qualification and How to Apply

To apply for the Spanish nationality, applicant must fit into at least one of the following categories:

1. Spanish nationals of origin:

  • Child of a Spanish Parent (mother or father) irrespective of where he/she was born
  • Every child born in Spain, with foreign parents where either the father or mother is born in Spain. Exceptions are children of diplomats.
  • Any child born in Spain whose parents are stateless persons or identity is unknown.

2. Right by Abduction:

  • Any under 18 years foreign child adopted by Spanish nationals is automatically due for the Spanish nationality.
  • The adoptee if older than 18 years of age may apply for the Spanish nationality within 2 years from being adopted.

3. Derivative way:

  • Foreigners who have been subject to the “patria potestas” of a Spanish national, and they must apply for the Spanish nationality before reaching the age of 20 years or within a term of 2 years since their emancipation.
  • The Spanish Government may grant the Spanish nationality under special circumstance.

In the case of the following a one year period of residence in Spain is require.

  • For children born in Spain whose parents are legal residents in Spain.
  • For the widowed of a Spaniard, so long as they were not separated at the time of the spouse’s death.
  • For a foreigner who has a Spanish father, mother, grandfather or grandmother.
  • For a spouse of a Spanish national

4. With Residence Permit:

  • Foreigners can be due for the Spanish nationality when he/she has reside in the country for a continuous valid period of 10 years, meaning he/she must posses a Spanish residence permit for this period.
  • But those under asylum will only require 5 years of residence.
  • Then Portuguese, including foreigner from South America, Guinea Equatorial, Andora or Sephardic Jewish require just 2 years of residence in Spain.

How to apply for Spanish Nationality

Anyone can apply for Spanish nationality provided he/she meet any of the requirements mentioned above coupled with the one below.

  • Any person that is 18 years and above
  • A 14 years and above applicant (but assisted by legal representative)
  • A legal representative standing for the minor below 14 years of age

An official application form to apply for Spanish nationality must be filed to the Civil Registry corresponding to the town where the applicant lives. We greatly advice that you consult a good lawyer to get the current requisites as the laws changes very often.

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